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Warehousing and

Warehousing and Storage has developed immensely over the last few decades, especially with the involvement of IT systems and the development of health and safety legislation.

The development of staff is essential to companies. It creates loyality to the company, improves moral, can increase productivity and enables the company to achieve industry kite marks, which can improve company image.

Staff in this sector need up to date training in health and safety, IT systems and recognition for the work they do.

Ensure your staff are up to date, contact Gap Training Ltd now, improve the potential or your staff and your company.

Gap Training Ltd are able to provide bespoke training or off the shelf qualifications tailored to individual sectors. We will also investigate the possibility of accessing funding, reducing or negating the cost to the employer but creating a big impact.

Gap Training Ltd are able to work with the employer to design career pathways so each role has clear development and progression which fits in with an effective appraisal system.

To find out more contact Gap Training Ltd.

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