GAP Training Ltd


Gap Training Ltd prides itself on the quality of training it is able to deliver. Using industry experts with years of experience, the trainers are able to assess the needs of individual business so we can design bespoke training programmes, utilising any government funding which may be available, thereby reducing costs to the business, a must in the current economic climate!!!

Gap Training Ltd takes an holistic approach to training within work place, ensuring minimal disruption to the everyday running of the business.

Training is essential to the development of any company. Training improves moral and staff retention, reducing recruitment and selection costs. It promotes staff 'buy-in' creating loyalty and can, depending on the sector, increase productivity.

Training is an integral part of achieving any kind of standard/kite mark, such as Investors In People. When submitting tenders it is an additional selling point when you can state staff training and recognised national kite marks, and an actual requirement in some tenders, so don't limit your companies' possibilities, look at what training we can offer you.

Gap Training Ltd work over a variety of industries, with various levels and types of training. Offering individual bespoke training or recognised qualifications, from individual units through to level 5 (degree level) qualifications, Gap Training Ltd can solve your development issues. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.