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The Journey of an Apprentice

One Learner’s Experience

Michael Wynn, trainer at Arriva North East, was a little taken aback when, at the age of 62, he was asked to do an Advanced Apprenticeship in Learning and Development. He felt, with less than three years until his retirement, that it was too much to take on and that he would not benefit from completing the course. Michael agreed to attend the induction to find out more about the course, however, at that point Michael decided it was not for him and left the induction. After a private discussion with one of the trainers he was left to mull it over, and within a week he had changed his mind and decided to take part with his colleagues.

Initially Michael was a little subdued, however his assessor worked with him to increase his confidence by agreeing targets with Michael on subjects he felt more comfortable with. This had the desired effect, and within a few months Michael was far more confident and was even leading discussions with colleagues on the qualification.

Michael found the Maths element quite daunting, but instead of letting it rule him he grabbed it by the scruff of the neck. He bought himself books and worked through similar Maths problems with his Grandson. He progressed so well his assessor had to slow him down so he did not complete too early.

Tony Hart (Training and Development Manager), Michael Wynn, Nick Knox (Area Managing Director)

On completing his Advanced Apprenticeship in Learning and Development, at the age of 63, Michael felt a huge sense of achievement and was very proud. His whole attitude to learning had changed, as a trainer he was used to training others in subjects he was comfortable with, now however he realises that you are never too old to learn and not to let the fear of failing prevent you from undertaking something new.

Michael says “Don’t limit yourself; you are never too old to learn. There is nothing to fear, especially when you receive great support during the course. It helps you see and achieve your own potential”

M Wynn 1