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As professional drivers there are many hazards that need to be faced on a daily basis and resolved, will my load fit under this bridge, I am tired and need a break, is my load secure, etc?

Complacency is one of the primary cause of incidents. Using continous professional development and Driver CPC companies aim to address this issue.

Gap Training Ltd have a vast array of experience with large vehicles and operators, enabling us to offer the best possible training solutions for the staff and the employer.

Offering targeted training for the logistics sector, such as level 2 and 3 NVQs and Apprenticeships for drivers, traffic officers and managers.

AWM NVQ completion

By introducing training and career progression pathways you will improve staff moral and retention, which is essential at a time when there are more jobs available than drivers due to the limited number of people entering the sector.

Whether you are self employed, employed or are an employer, Gap Training Ltd will find the most suitable type of training for you, in the most cost effective manner. Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us for more information.